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hi there.

i apologize for not posting. posting is difficult lately, as i am in japan and most computer
s here block livejournal. even on this one, which does not, many pages on livejournal come up with much of the page showing up in canji, katakana, and hiragana, which i am far from fluent in. if anyone would like to email me, please do, at jjackallenn@yahoo.com. i will post more later, when on a free computer that i can access livejournal from. bye for now, me ! ps: things here are really, really wonderful. i hope things for all of you are great in this autumn season also.

cleaning out life's basement~uhoh, more about my murky past*

Hmmmmmmmm . . . today for approx. 1/2 hour I rescued personal belongings from the basement of Fred & Mary's Coffee House, Lancaster, Pa. Good thing that I never put too much down there, it would have been harder to deal with. So it felt bittersweet and strange to pull things out of there, but not too bad. Fred & Mary's being the WHOLE reason I EVER moved to PENNSYLVANIA, apart from which I would never, ever, have considered moving here, ever~ha. But I am glad I did, sincerely. Pretty much anyone who ever might read this on LJ, apart from unforeseen publicity rush to read my all~public journal, hahahahaha, yet anyone who I might estimate ever see this, are really great people, and my life is considerably better for having met each and all of you. :D or communicated with, in the case of the few lj people I have not met, as I have met most of my few lj friends. but as far as the one's I have not met, I definitely appreciate interchanging ideas and thoughts and allsuch with you as well. But in any case, taking things out of the basement of Fred & Mary's is interesting. A wonderful place, in many ways, as I moved here to open it out of my near poverty in chicago, when my friend norman planned to open it and phoned me and said 'help me come run this coffeehouse, we'll make good money and all our bills will be gone'. HA. young and naive, (sp?), here I come. It was fun. I was instantly semi~famous for the first time in my life in this tiny town. We were open from 7am to midnight every day. We screened depressing movies like 'Aguirre, the Wrath of God'-director Werner Herzog, 1972. We had live music by some members of the Innocence Mission, and other great musicians. It made about the same money as anything else. I'm still far from wealthy~oh well. I have never been truly hungry or without good shelter. And there were many great, great times, with great people.
Fred & Mary's is closing ~ perhaps it has held me under a spell ? With all its good points, feeling like a 'home' here in PA, now that it will be gone, will I finally be free to escape, as in conscientiously setting a financial goal of raising money to choose where in this world I would like to live again, and then setting straightforwardly to making it happen? Hopefully so . . .
In any case, for the moment, I have a few interesting items back in my immediate dwelling and attention ~ cassettes from when i first started listening to jesusrock, jesusgoth~ HA!! (Mad At The World~the music actually isn't as horrible as it sounds ~ as far as I remember ~ but I do hesitate to actually play it again, to find out that it is far worse than my memory paints it to be ~ I'll get back to you all on that ~ unless, of course, you'd rather simply go the the '1980's jesusgoth' section of your own cassette library, and grab your own 'mad at the world' cassettes to refresh your memories :D Hmmm . . . Randy Stonehill, Glenn Kaiser, a Leslie Phillips tape, 'The Turning' (later recording as 'Sam Phillips'), ca. 1987, which is still good, as Leslie/Sam Phillips and T~Bone Burnett are both always good, from any era, a first cassette of my friend John Austin, that he would probably pay me to keep quiet about, ha . . .
A paperback copy of 'Freedom at Midnight', about Gandhi and India's struggle for independence, over 500 pages which I should and might force myself to read ~
A Patsy Cline concert poster, real as far as I can tell, from a concert of Sunday, March 3, 1963, interestingly enough almost exactly this date and day of week of 42 years ago, which belongs to my friend Norman, whose idea the coffeehouse was in the first place ~
And some of my own framed b/w photos of up~close macrophotography of plants and leaves taken in the garden of St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Pa.

Interesting/Amusing Victory for the SPCA

The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recently lobbied successfully for Kraft foods to stop production of "fruity-flavored Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy — shaped like flattened snakes, chickens and squirrels, complete with tire treads" . . . and even though I have successfully used the 'article behind cut' method graciously explained to me by Avdi, which I greatly appreciate, I can't remember it at the moment and am choosing not to look it up again right now, so I apologize for the messy link, but the article I saw this in is here:


OOPS . . . maybe I should have my computer taken away for getting my news from Yahoo! ?? I don't do that on purpose, it's just my yahoo mail account that automatically defaults to the Yahoo! main page after I sign out, and sometimes I accidentally notice a headline I can't help but click on ;)
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GROSSSSSS . . . . ( much more than a mouthful ) . . . .

Yes, as advertised, honestly in this case, this entry is about truly disgusting things, so if you don't want to be disgusted, read no further .

A girl I know earlier this afternoon told me, 'Yesterday, I was eating a McDonald's hamburger, and I found a tooth in it' . . .


~~~[[Is that DISGUSTING or what ??? Come on, isn't throwing something that GROSS at your dog cruelty to animals ??]]~~~


My eyes got really, really big (even bigger than their usual anime~in~real~life~hugeness, j/k) and I cross~examined her relentlessly for several minutes. She was not kidding. She was eating a hamburger from McDonald's yesterday and actually did find a tooth in it. I questioned her rigorously as to whether she was absoulutely sure that it was not one of her own which had come out in the hamburger. She was sure that it was not. HMMMM . . . WELL, the supposedly main meat ingredient of McDonald's hamburgers is beef, meat of cow, and even though I have never been part of a farming family, I would guesstimate that a cow tooth would be large. She said that she does not think it to be a cow tooth ~ I made her promise to show it to me sometime soon, as she kept it in her apartment. She had no idea what kind of tooth it was, but after my grilling her over it she said it was a size of tooth that may have come out of a cat ~

Now I am against all unnecessary litigation whatsoever, and I am against the HUGE ballooning of the number of lawyers in this country and worldwide, and I am against the HUGE misuse and corruption of justice and money by a large percentage of lawyers and their customers. BUT ~ might this be a situation where a lawsuit might possibly be appropriate ? And what's more, possibly the right thing to do, and possibly in a minute way pushing to try to make the world a better place ? As long as there are people on planet earth, there will probably be a McDonald's corporation. But even though they will probably never come to an end, might not the world possibly be better without them ? So, among the millions of lawsuits against corporations, many of them being ridiculous and shameful abuses of the court system to attempt to steal money from corporations simply because the corporations being sued have money, above any reason having anything to do with any vestige of true right or wrong, might a suit against McDonalds for serving a hamburger with an animal tooth in it possibly be a good thing, with some amount of truth in it ? Even if McDonalds will likely never fall, I feel that as a corporation they do more harm than good, to the world of animals and to the world of people, on many levels and in many spheres, so a suit taking money from them on the corporate level due to a legitimate complaint such as this gross situation, I think might have some possibility of having some good in it. What does anyone else think ? And for those of you who eat meat, McDonald's meat in particular, what would you have done after that pesky 5th or 5th bite of the hamburger refused to chew down normally in your mouth, and kept that nasty, hardness in it, until it became clear that something in your mouth was more than meat and you pulled out a small animal tooth ? Okay enough grossness from me for now, but do let me know what you would have done and what you think . . .
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SOA Film & Info

'Hidden In Plain Sight', a documentary about U.S. policy in Latin America through the prism of the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA), will be shown this Wednesday, February 23, at 7:15 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Lancaster, PA, 17603, at 538 W. Chestnut Street. Admission will be free, donations accepted, toward the Lancaster Coalition for Peace and Justice and local efforts to close the SOA.

sympathy for the UN . . .

All this badtalking the UN. And all of it completely deserved. But come on, what does anyone expect from an organization whose 'purpose' of promoting peace, or any good in the world whatsoever, has always been nothing more than a guise ? An organization whose only real purpose, is to form a clever cocoon (a cocoon that looks like a good thing to those lacking insight) for the nurturing and eventual presentation of the antichrist onto the worldscene ?
Despite the unpleasant ring of dispensationalism or evangelicalism of that assessment, it could very well be, and we unfortunately can not eliminate or stop the UN, as we watch its deceitful horridness unfold to see what it is bringing . . .

You Should Read This ;)

Hey. Sorry to sound pushy ; just my opinion. I think everyone should read this; absolutely a riot, with a good amount of extremely insightful and perceptive truth mixed right in with pure nonsense, in an excellently blended concoction:


Yep, that's right. People who like movies about dorks, people who hate movies about dorks, and even people who are completely without any opinion whatsoever re: movies about dorks, I think pretty much everyone in the english speakin world might find something to like in the above linked column. ;) [even though it says nothing about movies about dorks] Okay, okay, so isn't the world a little more colorful to the easily amused ? and for the somewhat obsessed ? what ? huh ?
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' Am I the typical Windows Media User ? OHNO! '

A friend of mine took a video of a cat and sent it to me. In order to watch it, which I doubted would work, I opened my FREEEE version of windows media player. The video of Milo the cat worked excellently. Before I closed the player, I poked around the dropdown menus, as I rarely had looked at the player and I was curious. The dropdown menu included only one song, 'Like Humans Do, radio edit' which sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why ~
so I clicked that and then was fairly elated fairly quickly, it was a song I like even though I didn't recognize the title, from David Byrne's somewhat recent album, 'Look at the eyeball' ~ it played the whole thing quite nicely, with links supplied to buy the album to be sure, but as a commercial, I enjoyed it much . . . it did play the entire 3:33 minute song, with no interruption whatsoever ~ and then after the song, the player took it upon itself to show a menu of Peter Gabriel videos, all watchable, also as a sort of a commercial to buy his recent collection of videos, entitled 'Play'. How that works out with Moby's recent album of the exact same name, I don't know. So I watched 'digging in the dirt', and even though PG can do amazing videos, I found I liked that song much better simply as a song with no video. But again there were PG videos watchable in their entireity for free.

So, with my fairly picky tastes in music, in my opinion, how did Windows Media Player score 2 out of 2 with choices I would actually go out of my way to listen to ?

~ Is my cheap, old, computer laden with technology so advanced that it has found out through my typing and surfing that I am fairly nuts about David Byrne and Peter Gabriel, and somehow communicated this to the free Windows Media Player ?


~ Are my musical tastes, which I proudly thought to be unusual and eclectic, so mainstream nowadays that my tastes are actually smack in the center of the average taste of Windows users, and that is the reason that the player picked 2 out of 2 artists which I really, really, like ?


I think I'll try not to think about it any more and simply be happy that I enjoyed 2 super songs for free.

But, if anyone has guesses or insight into this situation, please clue me in, any input is much appreciated.